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need new flight controller recommendations

title says it all but i have changed it to include the not so plug and play boards out there do you have any suggestions please?

forget the buying bit and price now as i have a selection of boards right here but info on more would be great for future choices so far i have

kk black board v5.5 with flymentor

minsoo kin blue board with helicommand 3d

fy90q (in the post)

homebrew shi lankan shield with 2009 chip clone wm+ and clone nunchuk

arduino 2009 with v4.1 shield official wm+ and nunchuk

jussi 1.0 shield with pro mini official wm+ an bma020

v2 alex/warthox board with ffimu gyro acc and baro

custom muitiwii With built in PPM encoder bluetooth ITG3200 gyro acc baro mag and USB on board

flyduino mega black with sensor bob and ffimu

uavx erm looks complete with gyros mag baro and gps? plus spaghetti lol

arduino mega 2560 and proto shield?
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