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looking good kyle , any reason for not using the suplied horn's?

maybe i'm a little late on this but the smallest horn is ment for the rudder and the bigger one for the elevator(to get the steering wire moving complete free in the fuselage)

sorry i forgot to drill the holes in the wing , my mistake.

with cg at 72-73mm you would find the helios really moving fast and that's how i / we(belgian piltot's) like it best , it cover's more ground then most dlg's and point's out even the smallest thermal very well at this location.

at the last eurotour contest (herten) when there was lot's of wind i even got it at 70mm and it worked better for me this way .
i'm certainly not a top pilot and the more forward cg gave me a plane that handled much better and was a lot more stable in turns

for launching you wan't 0 degree camber and for cruise you wan't it a little less then most plane's let's say 2mm cambered max at the root .

the way i fly it is most of the time in cruise mode , when there is a lot of wind i fly most of the time in speed mode , so that leaves thermal mode for occasional use only , when there's a really strong thermal then i have it about 4mm deflected

this is the way i like to fly it , and it would probably be a good start to go from there .

all settings depend a lot on cg , so you could get more after with that but for me it works best when it has some speed and not hanging in the air.


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