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For $50 more you can upgrade to a DX8 if your willing to live w/out the RX. In the long run that's probably the better purchase.

As is, the DX7 listed comes with an 8 channel RX (really, Horizon?), and that's currently the only purchase option. Frustrating to those who already have plenty of 7 channel RX's sitting around. It also has only a 20 model memory, which in these days of cheap data storage, means Horizon is just sand baging the tech so it doesn't bump up against the DX8.

I think their R/D money would have been better spent making a DX6s instead.

Only thing I can think of is they are going after heli pilots, who generally don't need the same number of channels as fixed wing, but do require advanced programing options. Maybe DX8 sales are slow as well (stiff competition from the Aurora 9, and a rough launch taking their tole?), and they're trying to spread R&D

To each their own, but if I sold my DX6i today, that cash is going toward a DX8
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