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Wow - beautiful plane!

My first rc air model was a Graupner Taxi with an Osmax engine and a Robbe Tx in mid eighties Did not fly much, but repaired much - no problem, parents, house, big garden, lot of space around the house. Some cars, a boat, three planes (none of them really flew well or long)...
Long ago - now in the big town there's no place at all.
Birthday, 3 ch heli - flush -> second, third, fourth, ... 4 ch...
Meanwhile I have also some small planes (NE P 47 and Cessna and a warbird), I will try to fly them this spring. But therefore I have to leave the town...
My tiny helis I can fly in my flat, after work (or even at work) - or at least in a parking garage, thats the maior advantage for people like me living in centers of urban aereas.
If I would have a house, garden, space (and not working so much) - I probably would already have a bigger heli and flew my planes and maybe have a bigger plane.

RC hobby has become extremely cheap compared to 25 years ago IMHO.
Of course there are still the very expensive models, but if you want, you can start with a plane incl. tx for 80 US$ - i.e. the Nine Eagles models - that's "nothing", IR models even cheaper.
Guess, this brings a lot of people (and also kids) to this fascinating hobby.
Some have their tiny models for their living rooms (never could think about such models 20 years ago), others their huge gas helis (saw it last year in Darwin/Austr. - nearly only gas planes and helis, no problems at all with room for flying, with noise and neighbours, Aussis state "whats not lout thats not good" ).
Today the variety in rc is much broader than in former times, I like it.
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