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Maiden Flight

Guys, I got my maiden flight in today!

I flew a couple 6min flights using 2200mAh packs. Everything came down cool, so I might need to prop up a bit as the 13x4e prop was OK but a bit more power would be better. I wish I could get a 13x5e or 13x6e prop!

I haven't been flying foamies much lately instead flying 49" Balsa's. But to me the Skywing MXS fly's very well, i would say it is the best foamie I have flown so far.

Almost no trim was required with the battery sitting in the middle of the front bay.

It does Knife edge very well with no coupling issues, the rudder having good authority.
The roll rate is OK but not in the same league as my balsa's, but I had no problems with the ailerons holding hover.
It is very floaty and harriers fine. I would probably like a little more up elevator but I would have to trim the slot a bit and use longer servo arms.
Blenders and knife edge spins are very easy to do as is rolling harriers (still learning).
One thing that did stand out was how easy it was to land, no damage at all. The gear seems to absorb well and since it is floaty it was very easy to bring down slowly.

Here is a short video that I took with my iPhone attached to my cap.
Skywing MXS (1 min 37 sec)

This one is a keeper...
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