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Originally Posted by Jake8131 View Post
You dont have adjust the servo rods on the front or aft...just pop the one on the 5n1 and turn it either way.
That works to correct a left/right drift (roll). To correct for a roll induced yaw, you have to adjust the front/rear links.

If you have to put left or right (roll) trim in and no rudder (yaw) trim, adjusting the center link works.

If you have just rudder trim or both rudder and roll trim on the tx, you can trim it out using the front and back links.

The two rotors interact and finding the settings that require the least tx trim makes the heli fly much better. I'm getting very close to no drift and no yaw with equal speed piros both directions with no altitude change.

I haven't figured out how to get the gyro to get happy without a short flight, land, reset and fly routine. Once it is warmed up and happy it is very stable. There is some change in yaw trim required as the voltage changes during a flight this seems to be "normal".

I've gone from having to add both rudder (yaw) and aileron (roll) trim to near center hands off hover. Once that's dialed a click or two of forward or aft trim will make it perfect.

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