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Flyin' low & slow T-28s!
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UM F4U Maiden!

It was far too windy outside when I unboxed my Corsair - could see the palm fronds bending in the wind. But I knew I'd be awake all night in full-blown new plane addictive craving mode. So I took it out with my Champ.
At the field, I put the Champ up in the wind and even IT was struggling to go forward with a 5043 and a Hyp 180 lipo. And naturally, it was doin' the dolphin; up n' down, frolicking in the wind the way Champs do.

So I said, "No way am I wrecking this F4U on its maiden!"
I flew through the battery and I was about to put a 2nd lipo into the Champ when I said...
"Oh, what the Hell..." (Yeah, I was talking to myself.)

First thing I did was crank-in 4 rounds of up ↑ on the elevator so there'd be no nosing-in on the hand launch.
Then I pushed it to full throttle and gave it a toss. Man, did it move away FAST.
I barely had to trim it out at all, except to take 2 clicks out of the up ↓ I had already given her.

As I brought her around with the wind, this plane was shooting fast and straight like an arrow! I was amazed at the speed!

It is definitely a glider, but it was gliding WAY faster than my T-28. And as I gave her some left aileron to bring her back from about 60 feet downwind, she rolled into the turn (had to give a little right stick up ↑) and blasted right back to me through the wind. Amazing! Like the wind wasn't even there.

(BTW, It would have taken the Champ about 30-40 seconds to get back to me, it took the Corsair literally about 4-5 seconds!)
I then gave it some altitude and MAN that plane is fast! But it just "feels" good, so I never felt out of control.

Not sure how it cruises @ low n' slow, because the wind prohibited any attempt and I wasn't about to plant it in the dirt.

After about 5-6 minutes, I simply brought her around downwind, slowed her a bit, then aimed her into a patch of tall green grass for a soft landing. I cut the prop when she was about 15" up and she just glided in nicely.
First thing I did was check those wing servos.

They were fine: a successful and fun maiden!

This plane is special. It is very light and looks awesome in the air. I'll hold judgement on the F4U versus the T-28 until I can try it out in the calm morning air and see how she cruises. I am convinced that nothing flies like that little "T," but the F4U just might have something for her!

Want to move up from the Champ?
Buy this plane!
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