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Yes, it's normally not a good idea to launch an RC-plane at much of an up-angle because of the danger of launching into a stalled condition...but a Stryker -- especially a lightweight one -- seems to be an exception. Ever since I followed advice to launch at about a 30 to 45 degree up angle, I've not had any more flubbed launches. Personally I always launch power-OFF for safety. I've also been practicing some sidearm launches from a grip on the wing...which is a little harder to get right, but doable. I want to transition to all sidearm launches with the Stryker, because I have to launch some of my small EDF jets with power ON, and I'm afraid that someday in a moment of absentmindedness I might mix up the two kinds of planes unless I get in the habit of gripping the Stryker differently on launch.

Are you sure the CG is correct?...not nose-heavy? And sure, a little up-trim is worth a try.
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