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Originally Posted by Afraidtoregister View Post
The crash I got could only have been avoided if the thing weighed a lot more. It went from 8 feet in the air to the ground very very quickly. I don't even know what part of it hit the ground it was so fast. Just in the air, GROUND!
4-Site is really hard to fly anyway. You should go Champ, Corsair, then 4-Site. (I have not flown the Corsair, but I know the 4-Site too well...). As far as knowing which part hit the ground, I now try to take a video of most of my flights.... Doesn't always come up good, but lately, I had a major crash with my Beast, and I was thinking: No way it's me, has to be hardware failure.... Well, watched the video in slow motion, and it was only me (very bad move). Was kind of hard to see it crash in slow motion, but sure enough, I could see which part hit first, then second, then third, etc...
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