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After Market Accessories - Caution re Ignition Systems, Leads, Modules & Switches

This post/header supersedes FAQ page entry dated 22Mar2011 as:
Aurora 9 - Throttle Control - V1.08 Opti-kill _ Sparkswitch - Duralite & Powerbox etc.

Original post 19 Dec 2010
"No previous reported problem nor any known local users with a "Opti Kill" with which to test.
1. Function working can be verified in Monitor screen as well as with a servo. Should be no need to extend EPA,
perhaps that has exceeded parameter of units design as reported with some JR/Spektrum servos.
2. Downloaded instruction manual, copy attached. First thought is that the plug into the RX socket is upside down
- Black should line up with Black of Hitec leads. - refer page 2&3 of attached sheet.
- Similar problems/results reported with other brand TX may assist.
. Help with Opti Kill Switch 9C
. Help with Opti Kill Switch 7C
. Miracle Switch With Intermittant Wiring.
"He repaired it and checked his other Miracle switch finding wiring almost broken on that switch also."
He was advised to build a platform to secure the repaired wiring to so that it won't vibrate and fail. " - 50cc Yak.

If using any form of aftermarket Opto-Coupled Remote Gas Engine Kill Switch, such as Opti-Kill
or other brand of electronic switch or electronic accessory / add-on, to prevent any potential conflict,
check for correct servo port setting as "Nor" or "Rev" to be used.
e.g. Opti-Kill's servo port should be "Rev" when used with an Aurora V1.08+. This is similar to using an ESC which works
with majority of brand's servo port set to "NOR" but will only work correctly with say Futaba TX set to "REV"
(e.g. all Futaba servos work in reverse direction to Hitec/JR/Sanwa/Airtronics etc.)

Otherwise, please refer direct to the owner, Ken Anderson, of "42 Percent Products Opti-Kill" .

. Do Not Use RCEXL & Others which have a Common Ground (Negative) line as an Optical Kill Switch!
- refer pictures of circuit and How To Correct where possible.

3. EDL Kill Switch - ElectroDynamics, Inc.
- reply to an inquiry & reason some may experience problems with other type Opti-Kill devices but not an EDL Kill Switch.

4. RFI Prevention - Ensure "R" type plug and/or Cap is fitted to Petrol Engines.
quote: "There are two types of CM6 plug, one is standard NGK CM6 spark plug
but the one which should be used is the NGK CMR6A "R" resistor plug.
Spark Plug Caps, as pictured, rarely include an internal RFI suppression resistor."


"Hitec RCD cannot assure compatibility with non-Hitec equipment.
There's just too much of it out there for them to be able to test.
It's also not their responsibility to insure such compatibility.
The maker of the non-Hitec equipment must make sure their items are compatible
- if they are making such a claim.
Many times, non-Hitec equipment is used with Hitec equipment even when no claims of compatibility
are made by the maker of the non-Hitec equipment, yet the modeler expects universal compatibility."

.. A typical corresponding posts from other brand distributors:
Interference - Ignition Noise
"Many electronic companies who make electronic accessories do not test their equipment's RF output
to see if they meet FCC standards and/or if they create excessive RF in any of the active RC Frequencies
world wide. 27, 35, 36, 40, 41, 72, and now 900 and 2.4." - Mike Greenshields - Product Manager Airtronics - Global Hobby Distributors
"Futaba cannot assure that non-Futaba equipment
is fully-compatible with other items of Futaba equipment.- Bax "


Modules - Other Brand 2.4GHz and UHF
Hitec RCD cannot assure compatibility with non-Hitec equipment, see disclaimer above.
. Thomas LRS - Aurora Thomas Long Range System & UHF Modules Thread.
. Spectra 2.4GHz module - Spektrum DIY Conversion Fly BNF's.
. Spectra Pro 35. 36. 40 & 41 MHz PPM/QPCM Module - DIY Convert Standard Crystal Based HPF-MIM Module.

. Other Brand Servo jitters and/or LBW sounds
Not all servo are equal, nor do they all readily mix and match between brands.
[usual indicated by LBW sounding and blue LED or jitters etc].

Receiver Pins, Leads and connections.
Caution is recommended when changing Transceivers or Receivers in a model which has been used
with a different brand previously installed or a servo moved from one model to another.
The pins in different brand receivers are not all the same size, nor are the male fittings within
different brand servo plugs/extension leads all the same size.
Especially noticeable if changing from Futaba to Hitec & JR, the metal sockets in the male plugs often stay expanded and cause intermittant problems. Many cheap "after market" leads & plugs have different size connections
and whilst the covers may be a tight fit, the actual metal contacts may not be, with some shown to widen out
and not return to a tight fit when reused. Be alert to pin sockets backing out of battery & extension lead plugs, a frequent unseen cause of intermittant connections and Digital Servo Burnout. (also jpg attached)

06 Aug 2010:
Optima Transceiver (RX) - PowerExpander Connections

07 Mar 2011:
Miracle Switch
1. Miracle Switch posts 1,4 & 8.
Miracle Switch Problems posts 12, 60 & 63
2. WRC Wike R/C Products IBEF Ignition Battery Eliminating Filter - Manual,
should not present any problem set up either via a spare channel or in the manual setup .

03 May 2011 Update
Problem With The Sparkswitch (Opti-Kill) 22 Mar 2011
"So I figured out the problem with the sparkswitch.
I did contact Duralite and Powerbox Systems and they were very helpful in getting some additional troubleshooting.
It seems there is a programming issue when the servo is in the Normal, not reversed, setting. I have it working now."
Problem With The Sparkswitch Confirmed 01 May 2011.
"Alright guys, I just wanted to give everyone an update on the range issue problem I've been having on my 30%!
Flew my 30% and 100cc planes all weekend long and yes, I too can now confirm the fix works!!!
Once I changed my channel 8 (opti-kill channel) to "REV" rather than "NOR",
I do not have an in-flight range issue when flying very far away.
Believe me, I tried and tried to get it to loose link or cut the ignition for a split second and I couldn't.
Flew the plane to a dot and that range issue is long gone having reversed those channels."

05 May 2011:
Further explanation and reminder of another cause of problems in a model which had been flying well for sometime -
be carefull with later changes to any "conditions" e.g. adding a throttle curve, refer:
Aurora 9 - On Screen "C" <> "S" & "T.App ". <snip>.
NB activate at start not part way/end of program or other conditions will be out of sync, incl. Video.
. Aurora 9 - Programming Chart

31 May 2011: Hitec Service Bulletin
2.4GHz System Warning May 31st, 2011
WARNING – 2.4GHz AFHSS System locks out when used with an optical kill switch.
Hitec USA’s service department has received reports that some users of our 2.4GHz AFHSS System have experienced system lockouts that have resulted in the loss of control of their aircraft. While there are several factors that can contribute to this, including poor power distribution or improper equipment installation, the increased volume of these reports has prompted an investigation in order to determine the cause. Our preliminary observations have suggested that the use of Optical Kill devices in conjunction with ignition engines is somehow causing our system to fail.
In light of this discovery it is suggested that users of our 2.4GHz AFHSS system discontinue the use of Optical Kill switches until a determination into the cause of these failures is made and a solution is found. We sincerely apologize for this situation and to anyone that has been affected by this issue.

08 June 2011: Update Optic Devices
"Currently we are still investigating the situation. We know the overwhelming majority of A9 users that use some sort of optical device do not have any issues, but since a small # of users have, it has lead us to issue this warning until a determination can be made as to the cause of the problems that had been reported.
My advice is that if a system has proven to be valid over a period of time, that it is unlikely that something would then suddenly happen. However, in many of the reports, the model was successfully flown for a hand full of flight and then the problem occurred. It is up to the user to decide if they feel confident with the device and if they choose to continue to use it.
Hitec team pilot Brandon Chitty has been flying his planes without an optical device and just sets up the throttle cut to a switch which physically moved the carb to the point where the engine dies. He set’s failsafe to the same position as well, so that in the event the system loses signal it will kill the engine. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working hard to find the cause and solution to this issue. - Mike."

14 June 2011: Update Optic Kill Switches
"Update: This is the latest I have to date... We are still testing to determine which (if any) Optical systems affect our systems and why. It's a painstaking process. However, what we do know is there have been situations where there has been a hard lockout that would only recover if the power was cycled to the RX. This was the most concerning situation and it appears that we have a software solution for this but I am not prepared to "officially" announce this. I only tell you this as I know so many of you want an update and this was indeed good news to my ears but we are still continuing to test. All our resources are dedicated to this situation right now.
RCEXL device: Here is the info I have on this... I talked to Ken Anderson at 42% products in which this device is a Chinese made knock off of theirs. He informed me that short cuts were taken over his device to keep the cost down and that in many cases this unit has been proven to cause problems due to the lower end componentry used. It is not my place to "officially" state that a product is inferior; especially from second hand knowledge but I have passed on this info to anyone that specifically asked. Take that for what it worth and investigate this own your own if you feel the need to prove or disprove this. I don't have all the technical info so please don't ask.- Mike"

28June 2011: "Update Optic Kill Switches": Okay so I know there is still concern about the use of Optical Kills with the Hitec system as we released a bulletin that we suggest they not be used due to a small amount of unexplained lockouts. Current there is no new info on if these indeed caused the problem but we are continuing to test. The biggest concern was that these lockouts would only recover if the power was cycled to the RX. There is a new firmware update that is currently being tested that allows the RX to reboot if the situation (which is still incredibly rare) does occur. Once the final testing is completed, it will be available to download. - Mike.

5July 2011 Update:
"After successfully testing the new RX firmware in Korea, they have now sent it to us for final testing. While we are still testing with the O.K.'s to determine if these are indeed causing a problem, or if it is something else, this reboot update is a big step forward as the RX will recover if knocked out.- Mike."

22 July 2011: Update:
"After testing to determine what was causing the reports of lockouts for some people we strongly believe now that the Optical devices did NOT play a factor and that it was ignition noise.
We will release a new RX firmware update very shortly that will offer better rejection against this and a re-boot feature that it is does get locked out by this it can recover without having to cycle power.
We apologize for this situation but feel that this update should eliminate the potential for the problem by a very significant amount. Mike"
Later.... "it turned out to be noise from the ignition that the V2.02 firmware resolved.- Mike. "

27 July 2011: Update
"FYI: The RX firmware update V3.01 should be up in the next couple of days. There has been speculation (as there always is) as to the validity of this update and the causes of some of the problems we have seen; All I can say it this is a GOOD THING as it improves the noise rejection capability of the RX as well as includes a re-boot feature if is it affected so at least it has a chance to recover. If other factors are involved then they will be addressed as well as needed.- Mike. "
. It would be all Optima's in which only the 7/9 can be updated by the user.
It is unknown if we will be able the O6's. Future RX's will have the updated firmware from the factory.- Mike.
. No need to remove them (Optima),
just connect to the data connection and your're good to go. While not a necessity, it's not a bad idea to rebind after an update and perform a range check just to be on the safe side.- Mike

5Aug11: Update
"Optima 6's will be able to be updated in the near future but will have to be sent in to do so.
Don't send them yet though... we are waiting on the jig. - Mike."
Expanded explanation of upgrade function
Oct 2011: Jig is available in USA, email for procedures first:
Hitec Warranty & Service
Note: Hitec USA only services North/South America and Canada.
All other countries see appropriate distributor for service.
• If you are from a country that is outside North and South America, please contact the
Hitec distributor in your country for service.

Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, Spectra Modules & Optima Transceivers - FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T. (Hitec Rep NZ)
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
(quick search = Ctrl+F)
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