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Build Pics and notes

Here are some pics and notes of my build.

- All of my previous EPP builds have been with Scotch glue but for this kit I used only CA (thin and Med).
- MG14's fit fine, but you may need to file one end of the holes to allow the servo to pop in without damaging the wires.
- I used two servo extension cables for the rear servos. I taped a small lead weight to the end of the cable and dropped it down.
- The wood servo aileron mounts seemed a little loose so I added CA around the wood/EPP.
- My horizontal stab hole was a bit out and caused the stab to not line up with the wings. So i used a some wedges to keep it in place until the glue dried.
- I added some Blenderm tape to both the elevator and rudder.
- The screws for the SFG's in my kit were too short, so I just found some long ones in my spare parts boxes.
- The plane without lipo ended up weighing 906g, so with my 2200 lipo the all up weight is 1100g

I still need to setup the throws and might find that I need servo extensions. Also I think my lipo will be all the way up the front of the box.

So I am very pleased with the build quality of the kit, being V1 there are a few minor things that may need updating but nothing major.

The only issue that you should pay extra attention too is the horizontal stab alignment with the wings. I would suggest that you test fit and trim the slot if required.
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