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Photos of the Cessna

A flew good flights yesterday, despite the damage to the model. Attached are some pictures.

The model flies straight and level, with the emphasis on level, a 40 g monster is not going to break any time to height records. The rubber motor only spans half the fuselage so there is room for improving the 5 second or so flight times. Unlike previous models, it does have some reserve power.

To increase lift, I cut the flaps section and bent the card downwards about 30 degrees. There was a definite improvement in lift and flying performance.

Need to repair the model and test it out in a large field. No luxury of tall grass, and the model has already sustained an crash on its nose from 10ft ( 3 metres ) up, when a gust of wind pitched it up in a zoom climb, and it stalled. I am somewhat pleased with its durability, though, especially the wing and wing/fuselage attachment points. The fit and finish leaves something to be desired so I would appreciate comments on how to make it look better and neater.
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