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IBM Bladecenter Delta DPS-2500BB, DPS-2000BB and DPS-1600BB PSU Pinout

This is a pinout for the IBM Bladecenter 2500w, 2000w and 1800w 200v-240v only PSUs.

Thanks to Nullet for pin verification on the DPS-2500BB.

All of the important pins are included.

Also included is a PDF containing internal schematics, operational and technical analysis data for the DPS-2000BB PSU.

Maximum output current for the DPS-2000BB PSU is 164A at 12.2v.
I've personally tested up to 200A at 14.4v (2800w) output !!

Internal components:

VR501 = voltage adjust. 11.8V to 12.8V
VR601 = OCP adjust. 196A @12V max at low setting to 215A@12V max at high setting.

Voltage is adjustable up to 14.6v with revisions S8M and lower.
(In stock form) The voltage for Revisions S9M and higher can't be controlled externally via the pins.
You must perform the modification from this post to be able to use the external voltage control pins:

Maximum output current for the DPS-1600BB is 147.5A at 12.2v.

Since this PS doesn't have an internal fan, you MUST mount one externally.

This is a very cost-effective PSU.

Connect pin A6 to C2 to power up.
Connect pin A1 or A2 to D3 via a 1kΩ pot in series with a 120Ω resistor to adjust voltage up to 14.6v.

This PS was mentioned earlier in this thread.
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