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Hey Frank40, and of course all the others,

Yes I did draw it myself, indeed, it means that I have some CAD skills but I'm certainly not a professional designer and I use them almost exclusively for designing my planes.
I also like the looks of the Mirage F100 a lot but one of the reasons I never built it is the highly swept wing. Do you know the famous Huckebein?

Well I designed and flew three of theme, they flew but they were very tricky to fly. One reason is the position of the exhaust it is very low compared with the CG, it means that you have to be very careful with the power if you are flying slowly because it pushes the nose up instead of getting some speed. If you didn't cut the power quickly it comes to a spin and I never recovered a Huckebein from a spin . Of course this is not a problem with the Mirage F100, What you often see with those highly swept wings is that they wobble when flying slowly and if you roll the planes it looks often like a barrel roll.
I like to fly my jets very low and very fast with some big loops and slow rolls so they have to listen tight to my control inputs.
Maybe it's just me but I'm a bit scared that with this wing it's not ideal
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