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First flight impressions...

Well she tracks very nicely, turns on a dime, snap rolls like a spinning top and speeds through the air with great ease. i'm really stoked. for an acrobatic plane, this thing has perfectly matched electronics.

I'm really please with how this plane flies.

i packed 2200 3s in the nose of my red 260 and my mate used a 1300mah in his blue 260.

the weight difference between 2200 and 1300 didn't affect cg much and both flew extremely well. i think i might have used 1 click of trim and it wasnt until his second flight that my mate put in one or two clicks - i love a plane that flies this well out of the box!!

on the 3d front... she certainly has large surfaces and whilst they look great for 3d, i think the motor might let it down in terms of pure 3d style flying. i didn't try much 3d, as my 3d skills are somewhat lacking, but my mate tried his with a little 3d and she did 'hang' for a while but, throttle response and motor power, even with lower weight 1300 was a little shy of what is needed for really good 3d work.

again, my 3d skills are crap, so for me, this thing flew 150% of what i wanted it to do. great rolls, great knife edges, lovely!. my mate was also 150% happy with his plane, even though he couldn't get much 3d action going.

not all goodness though... i only had two flights though, as my motor started to smoke up. i have a feeling that i have a crossed wire in the winding at the back of the motor. its happened to me before and they were the same symptoms. i just hope i didnt smoke her up too much. i'll open her up this week and see what i can find. there was a fair bit of moisture on the run way, but i dont think it was that. funny enough, the blue one came in after about 6 flights with a motor problem as well. he thinks it was an over heat from 3d stuff, but i have a feeling it may be the same issue as mine.

will report back on the motor front when i know..
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