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Originally Posted by LuvEvolution7 View Post
is it just me, or does the red and white plane kinda look like the offspring of a Mig 21 and a Saab Draken? LOL.
haha, It's not the first time I get this comment, for the draken you are wrong but for the Mig you've got it wright on one detail. Actually it's based on the first drawings of a design Willy Messerschmidt did for the Spanish air-force in the early fiftys. The P300 it never made it to construction in spain but in Egypt they have build a few prototype's but they looked completly different.

the model was my first turbine jet and I don't wanted to use a thrust-pipe so I moved the turbine to the back of the plane. therefore the wing was also moved farter backwards because of the CG. Then I made a little foam model and the testflights showed that the for stability reasons the vertical fin had to be enlarged. An bigger fin looked a bit silly so I took the little fin under the fuselage from a Mig21.

the biggest advantage to sport flying is that it just looks plain sexier than a straight line.
Today 12:42 AM
That's wy I took the sexy fuse from a Mirage2000, but I wanted a more classic wing set-up. The first wing was a little swept back and looked not bad but then I took the wing and stabiliser from a F100. The design is already a few years old and was well advanced but never was build, it still wanders around in my head but now I would build it with a decent EDF instead of a turbine.

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