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Thankyou Mark!..
Well I went out and test flew the Orange Plane with the new motor.. useing a 3030..
about 3.5mins on kokams at full throttle
about 9mins on Thunder Power 830's
level flight was around 65mph to 70mph...
It really needs the 4040 on the 830's to reach 85mph
In dives it hualed going so fast I thought the wings might shear off... but it held up just fine.. Looks like this 13Turn motor will hit 100mph with a 4050.or 3550. I will make a modified prop from a 5043gws prop and try a 4043 .. im not sure what I can use for a 5pitch prop yet.. Thin blades not a apc props (thick at the hub) .. Its going to have tobe a gws prop or a custom carbon keep the motor happy.. and not over drawn in amps..
also a 3cell 340mah pack will most likely hit 85mph with a 3030 and I feel a 3cell 850 pack would be safe to use...weight wise...for good duration on a 4040
Very good duration on a 3020 with a modified blade to look like the 3030 .. loose lil thrust but gain rpm an run time....great with the light 2cell pack of 340's! speeds around 55-60
3030 seems to be the clear winner for small props and good speeds and 4040 for vertical on 2cell pack of 340's run time is low around 4mins if you use the throttle some...
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