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Originally Posted by mtucker View Post
Thanks for the review. I have had my eye on this plane for a few months. I think I "need" to buy one.

A few questions. I would be running this plane with my RDS8000
  1. Do the aileron wires combine once they enter the fuse? I only see three JST connectors plugged into the Rx so I am guessing this is the case.
  2. I looked at the RX500 manual to see if it can handle individual L and R ailerons. I know the larger Airtronics receivers will, but can the RX500? It would be fun to implement flaperons with the stock Rx.
Hey Matt,

It does indeed run the ailerons on a "y" harness, I don't think it would be too difficult to run seperate wires. I'm not completely familiar with the programming options on the RD8000, but if the radio is capable then I don't see why you couldn't run seperate channels for the ailerons in the RX500. I plan to do exactly what you are suggesting, so that I can program flaperons and spoilerons.
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