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No, a 45 flybar will not make a heli self-leveling, that will make it self-stabilize. When it stabilizes, it may be at a level position, but doesn't have to be. The heli has no idea where level is, that is entirely up to gravity. Try fastening a 20' rope to a bucket and swinging it around your head at a 30 angle. Now, try to change it to swing level. It doesn't want to change. That's stabilization. So, self-leveling helis simply utilize gravity (long vertical CoG and low battery position) to help them level. Copilot II or Flymentor systems utilize accelerometers or photocells, in conjunction with 3 axis gyros, to stabilize and level. Flybarless helis use similar Align or BeastX stabilization systems.

Conventional helis still can not reach the same level of stability a good large quad can achieve. A quad has a much wider base.

My MSR never came close to hovering like the one in the video.
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