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Thanks for that Balr14. And norcalheli too. So if I understood correctly, to make a helicopter self-levelling, all it takes is for the flybar to be displaced 45* from its usual 90*-to-the-blades position, in a direction opposite the direction the rotor turns?

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I have never got any single rotor heli to hover hands off, nor have I ever attempted to do so. I don't know what point that would serve.
I used to think that was the case too, but I saw a video (attached) of the mSR hovering hands off, and that's what prompted me to ask the question.

It got me thinking, that a largish single rotor collective pitch self-levelling helicopter would be the best of all possible combinations - the beginners won't have a hard time because it practically flies itself, intermediate users will be able to fly outdoors even when it's very windy, the most basic of 3D manoevers (like flying inverted) will still be possible, and it could replace multrotors in aerial photography - all with the same machine. Plus with everything powered by one motor upgrades and replacements will be cheaper.

Blade mSR Hover Stability (0 min 48 sec)
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