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robgau - The Walkera #38 uses a 2S lipo. I believe that it has four, 370-size motors, but barely has enough power to fly. My Skylift uses a 3S lipo while the MCX Tandem uses a 1S battery. The Skylift can lift a can of soda. That means it has plenty of power, but it is very susceptible to wind and easy to stall/crash when you fly too high...It has a hard time getting back down in one piece once you can no longer determine if it is ascending or descending. It is also too bleeping big to fly indoors in anything smaller than a gymnasium. I doubt that the Walkera #38 would do any better than a Skylift, indoors or outdoors.

Scotsoft - Put some moongel or sorbothane between the camera and the body. The rubber bands will squeeze the gel. That will dampen vibrations nicely. You can also try some silicone glue. It dampens vibration well, but it is a bit of a pain to have the camera glued to the aircraft.

Shrub - Side mount gives a pretty good view compared to under the airframe. Was the transmitter taped to the other side of the fuelage? I just tried that with 2 keyfobs and then 1 keyfob on a CX2. The single camera side mount seemed to cause TBE. Am not sure, because the wind came up and I had to land.
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