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On self stabilising single-rotor helis (FP/CP) and comparison to quadcopters and coax

I was hoping if someone could tell me exactly why it is that some single-rotor helicopters (such as the Blade mcx) are "self-stabilising" - in other words, they automatically revert to a stable hover when you release the controls (like all coaxials seem to do), and why it is that other single-rotor helicopters don't.

I'd be happy just with a good answer to the above , but I was wondering about some other related things :

1. Is this "self-stabilising" ability more common to fixed-pitch or collective-pitch helis in general? If yes, which of the two, and why?

2. Are all flybarless helis self-stabilising? If no, can they be made to be?

3. Are multicopters (tricopters, quadcopters, hexa-, octa- etc.) self-stabilising without any special controller boards (i.e. the really basic multicopters with just four or five standalone heli gyros and some mixing)*?

4. There seems to be a lot of mention in the thread that the flybar phase angle (45 or 90 degrees) affects the handling of the helicopter. Could someone please explain whether this is just a rule-of-thumb, or whether flybar angle does actually make the helicopter behave differently (and if so, how?)

*I know this question probably belongs in the multicopter section, but since it's related and such a short question I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask it here
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