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Here's how cool the Nano-E is. A week ago Saturday I was flying with some friends in Ontario, CA. I wound up ditching my J-Power T-33 in a retention pond due to "dumb thumbs" (wind blew me over on final, lost orientation, then tip stalled in). By the time I had gotten to the pond, the ESC had shorted and caused a fire that had totally engulfed the electronics bay, as well as pretty much burned the plane to the top of the water.

The wrapper on the Nano was wrinkled, there are char marks on the board, and the insulation was completely burned off the antenna whiskers and the whiskers are frayed. I thought for sure my Nano was toast (literally), but decided to try it out again for giggles and grins after I got back home to Mesa.

So early last week I hooked it up to an existing power system, but took the motor out of the loop. I had the ESC and two servos plugged in. To my amazement, I got a good red light, and servo control seemed steady.

So this past weekend I decided to try it out in a plane. On Friday morning I hooked the Nano up in one of my F-22 pusher jets (my favorite plane by the way, just ask Jim and Scott ), and did a range check. More than 50 paces away with the button pushed and I still had solid control, so I decided to fly.

I think I put a total of 4 packs through that plane between Friday and Saturday, and I even took it up as high as I could see it. At about 1000' straight up, I still had full control as I was doing rolls in one second intervals.

Man these things are awesome!

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