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Originally Posted by molenjin View Post
No, I am telling you that a $200 range RTF foam glider from China isn't going to have the same performance as a $200 range RTF balsa glider from China.
The foam glider can take multiple crashes and the balsa, not even one.

These almost glaring comparisons of foam to balsa are fairly unfounded.. they're almost 'racist'!

Originally Posted by molenjin View Post
Well, based on what is shown in the video, I do not think this model is a great flyer. It loses height rapidly. Foam is foam, adequate for cheap mass-production but it will never be as good as balsa and other "smooth" materials.
Well if that is all it is good for, 'cheap mass production', why would they make it at all? and why would they make 'cheap' flimsy balsa with easy-stripping film?

Foam is used because it is not only suitable for beginners at the learning 'opssidaisies' stages but because it provides an easy format for modification, e.g. aerial photography, fpv, etc. It is easy, basically, and that is the point. Anyone can point out that a more likely (maybe, depends really) balsa ship being lighter and more streamlined would have better 'performance' but that would never kill the concept of a durable foamie that you don't have to fear crashing.

Originally Posted by molenjin View Post
...I know this may sound like a "heresy" to some people, but the model that started all this "foamy" revolution, Multiplex EasyStar, is actually a lousy flyer. I flew three different EasyStars and and in all cases experienced poor handling and stability. I even crashed one of them - that, after years and years of flying balsa planes, much faster and nastier than EasyStar..
If you did crash an easystar that doesn't bode too well for your flying skills perhaps you should fly more foamies. Easystar's are incredibly stable, there is no way you could experience "poor handling" unless you stuck an oversized inrunner on it, and even then I remember someone put on an edf of immense power and it still ran stable!

Originally Posted by molenjin View Post
Foam is all wobbly This is especially noticeable when you fly a glider made of foam. Push it a bit and you will see. A wing made of foam struggles to keep the same angle of attack. And then, the surface is never as smooth as that on a model made of wood and covered with film.
This is... well just untrue.. Perhaps if you "push it a bit", but... I don't see why balsa and plastic film would perform any better under unsuitably high speeds. And if we're talking about the 'smoothness' of a models wing, it barely applies to the deliberately draggy airframe of this glider to make it suitable for slow and light thermaling. That only comes into account with very high performance and competition level thermal gliders, pylon racers and hotliners; which your average rc enthusiast looking for a 'rtf' kit, is not so concerned with.

I just can't picture foamies like a funjet or the st models blaze warmliner just wobbling in the air whilst speeding across.. "struggling to keep the same angle of attack", this generalization is disturbing! report back to the legion of doom that we're not so convinced!
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