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My skylift broke AGAIN!!!
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I got a skylift a while ago, and found the following to be true.

The wheels are very fragile, as are the blades, making this an expensive heli for all but the experts. The "turret" that supports the lower blades tends to fail every third blade strike, and the 3 in one unit is a weak point. I've had one fail and I'm not the only one. I'm currently trying to fabricate my own from a gyro, pair of flaperon mixers and pair of esky brushed escs. The fuselage although the best loooking one of all IMHO, is quite fragile and the maplin fuse can be made to fit at a fraction of the price. ON THE PLUS SIDE, Blade CX parts seem to be a drop in replacement, so I now have (courtesy of a us hop-me-up supplier I found on ebay) cnc rotor heads, with FOLDABLE blades, I have one cx2 cnc turret and swash that a kind member of another group gave me, and one that I sourced from the 'bay. The completed airframe looks good, all I need to do now is pull my finger out and do the electrics. The standard skylift flies OK once set up correctly (I've never had a new one so cannot comment on how they are shipped) it's just the landings that seem expensive. The motor mounting subframe allows a fair bit of slop in the whole rotating department, a judiciously applied cable tie or two will reduce it.

I've also got a walkera #38 to inspect from a friend. It's flown but unmarked, but the electronics has failed, and unlike the skylift, the receiver module is a special item, so it's not a easy to digose whether the rx has failed or the controller board, however a quick shufti at the bay reveals that the controller boards are plentiful and cheap but the rx boards rarer and more expensive. I lke the fact that the walkera already has the cnc head gear and foldable blades, but walkeras IME make better objet d'art than they function as small flying machines.

I've had enough walkera heartache, already, so I'm going to leave that one well alone, especially having read other peoples experiences who have actually flown the #38.

Hope this helps someone. Cheers, Steve C.
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