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Originally Posted by dmsgodeep View Post
Thanks Simon. I'll try it.
So you think these 2217/20 (860kv) motors won't burn up either? They say they are only rated for 11v on the HobbyKing site. But I've been searching and found some guys running them on 4s. I guess I would be ok as long as I stay with 10" props.

Just so I'm clear (as I have a limited knowledge of electronics)'s the larger motors that pull more amps that will kill these esc's...right? But as long as I stay with these smaller motors...everything should be fine.


I have used the same setup on both my quad and okto.

Go with 4s! The motors behave so much better!

I have had no problems regarding heat what so ever

The only thing to be aware of, is that the turnigy motors break easily, and they are pretty much unbalanced, giving you alot of vibrations.

Anyway, its a cheap powerful option

Im still going to swap out mine though, with either the basic roxxy 2827/35, or the pulso 2217/20s. Just need something more relieable and giving out less vibrations.
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