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Buzzkill and Jmpdgs,
They certainly do look good. A lot better than my first tries for sure. I'm glad to see others were pulled into trying this. For me this has been a real learning experience about try and try again. Iím happy with my results, but the process and learning curve really took a lot of time for me. Itís a real reminder of the abilities in everyone with motivation to start and then try again and again. We may not all have warhead's abilities, but I'm happy to see everyone coming up with better pilots than what I see at the LHS.
I use super sculpey and my tools consist of sharpened toothpicks and bamboo skewers of different size, some scalpel blades, a round piece of smooth plastic with a rounded end for smoothing, and a very small pin attached to a handle for details. In making the figures, I think the hardest thing to do is know when to stop. I can go on and on fretting over some little detail for way too long. What Iíve found though is that once I stop, I can be confident that when I start a new one, it will be a step better. As an example, hereís my latest try. I just put it in the oven to cook and if it turns out and I get time Iíll detail how I make a mold in my next posting.
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