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A battery charger, is a battery charger, is a battery charger???

Ok, so I'm new to this R/C car stuff and have already posted a few
questions to this group, so I thought, what the hell, I'll ask yet another

Basically I need a battery charger to charge 7.2 volt NiMh six cell stick
packs for my new R/C buggy running a trinity monster horsepower pro stock
motor (if that detail matters.).

Looking at the array of battery chargers available, I can see that they
range in prices from US$18.00 to many hundreds of dollars.

Now, I'm looking at a more modest price range, topping out at US$80. Taking
DC Peak chargers as an example, I can see two that have caught my eye:

The Duratrax Piranha for US$18

The Duratrax Intelli Peak AC/DC deluxe US$75

The Novak Icon AC/DC for US$72

All appear to do the same thing, so can someone please explain to me the
advantage of the Novak charger or the Duratrax? Do I get better battery
performance when charging with the Novak? Are there any other chargers I
should consider? (excluding the obvious that Piranha is only DC..)

Thanks in advance.