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Originally Posted by chrisercgr View Post
I have been trying to make a jig for a 5.8 version and found this calculator useful as you can enter the degrees and establish the arc length (in our case 1/2 wavelength

the angle for a 1/4 wavelength of 13 mm is around 115 degrees

hope this is of use

Lots of people are making jigs, but I find hand forming faster, oddly. I bend the wire around a marker

Here's how I do it: I run the wire through a home-made wire straightener which is nothing more than a set of two rollers and a block of wood with a hole in it. The straightener looks just like a mig welder wire feed with a spring tesnioner to keep the rool from unreeling except it's wood.

The straightened wire gets marked at 1/4 wave, 3/4 wave and 1 wavelength and then gets cut off the spool. I then take the wire and wrap it around a round former. For 2.4GHz, I use a 1" PVC pipe glued to a peice of pywood with a weight on it (to keep it from moving). 5.8GHz I simply wrap around a marker in my hand. I actually over bend the wire, then pull lightly on the ends to de-stress the curve to exactly where I want it. I then grab the wire at the 1/4 wave marks with pliers and bend it.

To solder, I lay the forms against a couple of carpenter's speed squares. Magnets help hold the wire where I want it. Then I simply reach insert my cable and solder it all up.

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