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First flight!!!!

In short, GREAT!!!!

Went out this morning to a school yard, and conducted my first flight of the Mini Tornado. The school yard has a large field overlooking an outdoor basketball court. There is about a 8 foot drop from the field down to the court. This was to be my first hand launch with the motor off ( the TigerMoth just flys out of your hand) so figured I would need the time/altitude. Boy was I right!! The first launch, I kinda gently tossed it (holding it by the motor mount), and I just gawked at how gently the glide was, then remembered "Oh Yeah, throttle". Slammed in full throttle, sllight right to dodge the oncoming Basketball goal, and she leaped up. Starting climbing at about 45 degrees. Pushed nose down, to about 15 degrees climb to altitude (10 mistakes high!!).
No Trim needed, pulled back to less than 1/2 half, and tooled around. Pretty fast even at that throttle setting. Then had a problem I had seen on the bench, my ESC resets, and I get about 10% power. Got to see more of the fantastic glide the Mini Tornado, chopped the power and made a very slow (almost as slow as the Tiger Moth) flat power off landing. Reset the battery, (unplug/plug back in) the ESC recongizes full power, Back to another lanch. Did this three times, all good flights, on the 4th flight I ran the battery till the BEC cut in. In these flights I explored the handling a bunch. At one point I was running under 1/2 power in level flight, ran up to full power, let her get ahead of steam, then pulled up into the vertical. Got about 2/3rd of a telephone penetration, pushed the nose over back to level flight. COOL!!
She is kinda twitchy, in both pitch, and roll axis, but all my prior experince is with the TigerMoth, so its diffently the pilot. Will have to explore the functions on my radio, like dual rates, and expontential.

Talk at you later


PS: I am going to start another thread about this over in the parkflyers section entitled "Thanks E-Zoners"

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