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DLE 20cc VS DLE 30CC Performance/Weight

Ok, I already have a DLE 30cc for a ESM 71in Corsair that Im wateing to build

Im building a CMP/Nitroplanes 90 Spitfire, Wich really needs a 1.40-1.50 4 stroke (factory clames it needs a 1.08 2c or 1.20 4c) as it needs a ton of weight up front for CG. My os 1.20 ax 2 stroke is going to need almost 2 - 1 1/2 pounds of weight added up front.

So Im looking for a Gas motor for this bird and my 30cc would fit with no issue. But it seems like performance wise the 30cc would be a little to much motor? But if so it would give me a reson to upgread my 540T Edge to a larger size.

DLE 20cc $244
Weight Engine - 23.03oz(660g), Exhaust - 1.8oz(51g), Ignition - 3.8oz(108g), Plug - .5oz(14g), Wires - .3oz(8.5g), Total - 29.7oz(820g)

Acceptable Props: 14x10, 15x8, 16x6, 17x6, 18x6

Static Thrust 13.26 pounds

DLE 30cc $259

Engine - 909grams Exhaust - 60g Ignition - Exhaust 56g Total 1025 grams

Acceptable Props: 188, 1810, 198, 2010

Static Thrust 18.75 pounds

So the only diffrance is $16 and 205 grams, The DLE 20 is a little smaller and has standard nitro mount style, and is a single bolt for prop.

SO What do you guys think?

Anyone ever have both? How strong is the DLE 20? I dont hear much about it.

THanks Mike
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