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DPS-600pb ESP135 PSU voltage and fan control.

Whitedg, the DPS-600pb also has these pins.
Use a 1k ohm pot between pins 3 and 9(+12 return sense) to increase voltage above 12v.
Use a 1k ohm pot between pins 5 and 9 to decrease voltage below 12v.
Or use a single 2k-10k pot with the outer legs tied to pins 3 and 5 and the center wiper to pin 9 for voltage adjustment above and below 12v.
I've modified a pic by mrforsyth to show how to do this.
Voltage is adjustable up to 13.8v on this supply. OVP starts at 13.82v.
If the PS shuts down at 13.8v with a load then just back down to a voltage that works for your particular situation.
Short pin 4 to ground to slow fan speed to a minimum or use pot for variable speed.
Once pin 4 is grounded, fan speed will be automatically adjusted based on load and ambient temperature.
Pin 4 is already internally connected to ground on the PS-3601-1C version of the ESP135 series.
Therefore, connect it to +12v to set fan speed to maximum.
Pin 11 is the +12v current share pin.
Short pins 6,8 and 10 together to power up.

265Ω = 13.8v
290Ω = 13.7v
330Ω = 13.6v
370Ω = 13.5v

and so forth..
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