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Nano RX, what a truly cool product.

Just wanted to share that I really like the Nano receivers that XPS have. They are just way to handy. 2 special cases:
Case1: I took over ownership of a TF Spitfire here last week. It used 6 channels, so I was real happy to be able to use a Nano RX. The plane as an on-board glow driver, that is based off the throttle position. Well the plane turned out to be real hard to stop, as when I hit the switch to kill the motor the on-board glow was kicked in, and kept the plane running. So I debated about adding a 8 channel Rx, but instead I just re-programed a second Nano RX, and changed channel 6 to be channel 7, and plugged in the on-board glow to that channel and used one of the clicker trims on the side of my 12Z to control the fine tuning of the on-board glow. That way I can disable it when I go to kill the engine.
Case2: last fall I bought a 1/4 scale supper cub at a swap meet, the guy had built it from scratch, and it was a real nice model. for the nav lights he had painted wood dowels, and stuck in the wing tips, and also for the landing lights. My buddy said I should replace the wood dowels with LED's. So I pulled out the dowels on the wing tips, and stuck in bare LED's, and I also drilled out the landing light area, and put in LED holders from Radio shack (Nice spotlight effect). ran the wires through the wing, so they come out the same place as the Flap and Aileron plugs are. But I needed to add 2 RX controlled switches, so I could separately control the nav lights and the landing lights, but I also needed to run the LED's off a single LiIo sell to have the proper voltage. Well another Nano RX to the rescue, just re-programed it to have channel 11 and 12 be heard by that RX. I took a old futaba clear servo box.and in there I now have a Nano RX, 2 RX controlled switches, 1 LiIO cell, and an indicator LED to tell me the box is on. I added an outside toggle switch, and taped the box shut, and velcroed it to the cockpit floor of the Cub. Now I just power up that little box and the main switch for my cub, and all works great.
I am really looking forward to that new 16 channel TX, to give even more options with the Nano RX, and allow me to have all my models on one Radio at all times.
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