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Originally Posted by Dirt-Torpedo View Post
Spectra 2.4GHz Module Firmware Version 3.01 - Released April, 18th, 2011

* Changed “Scan Mode” to less complex “Scan Function”
* Added compatibility with Hitec’s non-telemetry 2.4GHz receivers
* Improved LED indicator error after Scan is done
Minima RX (non telemetry) can now be released and used with Spectra 2.4GHz modules which have been upgraded to V3.01.
New Manuals:
Spectra 2.4GHz Module Firmware Version 3.01 - manual
Hitec 2.4GHZ Receiver V3.0- manual

The new Smart Scan Function is similar to earlier Tip:
AFHSS - How To Select Optimum Channels - For Your Field

extract from new manual is attached, suggest AFHSS users download and read both new manuals.

"Range Check Function"
- Before each flying session to confirm the radio system is working properly.
- Before the engine or motor is started, turn on the system as explained above"
Make sure all the servos and control surfaces are working properly.
If any control surface is not moving properly, do not attempt to fly the aircraft until the problem is solved.

"- Do the range check with the engine or motor running and whilst cycled up <> down which will highlight any vibration/electrical problems"

- If you are unable to accomplish a successful range check of 30 meters or 100 feet

see also:
Aurora 9 Range Test Procedure .5 g)

20Apr11 added clarification:
"New "smart scan" is basically an easier way of picking a new set of channels per your environment other than going into scan mode and then back to normal mode which is what is recommended to use. Scan mode was nice that it picked a new set of channels each time, but really unnecessary and some of the downfalls with having to cycle power on the both the TX and RX made it inconvenient. First of all note that the Hitec team has never done the scan mode to normal mode trick as we use the same channels picked by normal mode and have flown at all the major events with zero issues. The only time I would suggest you use the scan function is if you need to avoid another device or if somehow you are having problems at a specific field.
Linking telemetry and non-telemetry Rx's... the technology requires a different binding method. When binding the Optima (telemetry) RX's you would utilize the same exact procedure that you are familiar with, but with the new Minima RX's, you must push the link button again to get the blue light flashing. - Mike. "

Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer - Manual, FAQ - How to install & Use Instructions (with screenshots).
"Check all Model Functions. Aurora 9 programming is so flexible that no firmware designer could ever envisage
and take into account all the possible user settings and ensure that absolutely none will be effected during an upgrade
and still get the updates out in a timely cost effective manner. (especially free upgrades..)
Monitor screen assists check of each model.
Another reason recheck all functions each model is essential after an upgrade"

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