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Walkera V100D01 Main Rotor Head & Linkage Rod Set

Got my V2 Main Rotor Head and Linkage Rod Set today.

The Linkage Rod Set that came with the V2 Head measure 21.7 mm & 23.6 mm (long links)
and the other two links measure 21.4 mm & 22.6 mm (short links).
The link rod lengths are 13 mm (long link) and 12 mm (short link).

I adjusted the 21.7 mm & 23.6 mm links (long links) to 21.5 mm and put them on the swash to head links.
I adjusted the 21.4 mm & 22.6 mm links (short links) to 20.8 mm (for ELEV) and 20.1 mm (for ALIE) and put them on the servo to swash.

This worked perfect and gave me plenty of clearance from the link ends to the fingers on the head with the Servo Ext turned up to MAX on the RX.

The Linkage Rod Sets I had before were way too long. 24.1 mm (long links) 23 mm (short links).
The link rod lengths are 15 mm (long link) and 13 mm (short link).
These were the sets being sold with the V1 head which were not the correct ones
And I got 3-4 sets of them which I had to trim the link rods and plastic ends for them to fit on my heli. The links were labled for the V100D01 (see my picture).

There is a third version Linkage Rod Set. When I get them I will add them to this post.

The V2 Head does look longer in the picture than the V1 Head but there are the same.
I measured both of them which are 17.5 mm.

Bottom line is that there are two different head versions and three different linkage rod sets.
You need the correct head version with the correct link set.
I donít think the dealers know about this. And the part numbers are the same.
Dealers will probably have mixed stock of the head and links.


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