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Close call(s)

Had trouble with the CZY since day one. LHS (seller) told me to be sure to balance the prop. Couldn't get the stock prop to balance. Bought another stock prop. Same thing. Bought APC equivalent. Balanced just fine and quickly. First flight, plane sounds like it's belching. Called HS again. He didn't have any noise issues with his, did you balance the prop, yes. ??? So I checked the motor mounts - they were very loose from the factory, was able to get about 2-3 FULL turns on the upper two screws and snug-up the bottom two. Finally, working as it should. 2 months and probably 75 flights later (day before yesterday) going vertical, BANG! BURRRRRRRP! Only had about 1/4 power, but landed it. ALL 4 flanges on the motor mount were broken off, the motor was being held on by the corner of one of the flanges. To make matters worse, I was removing the mount at home and with my finger, accidentally flicked a broken flange into my eye and went to the ER. Yes, that was very, very stupid (I wasn't even using power tools!) Eye's OK. But can't fly $400 foam plane because HH is out of stock on replacement "v2" motor mounts. Imagine that. I found a milled aluminum one from another source. I JUST read about the servo problems on this thread. Great. There goes another $75-$100. If I didn't LOVE the way it flies, I'd burn this evil thing - it's a love/hate relationship.
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