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Originally Posted by Extremeace View Post
Nice... I got time cards ready... How are we gunna do timing?
I think we all fly at the same time and self-time the GMo task. Nobody wants to stand around for a whole hour timing someone else. This is a simple ladder task, so if you have some kind of time piece to glance at once in a while it isn't hard to time yourself. I have practiced this several times in the past couple of weeks, and it works well enough. I use the count-up timer on my Tx that starts when I release the launch preset switch. Also tried it with a stopwatch, resetting and starting before each launch, then adding 2 or 3 seconds to the target time. We don't need to be super exact on this. Just close enough for this fun-fly charity event. I glance at the clock and make sure to overfly each target time by a few seconds, and just keep track in my head which rung I'm on. Piece of cake. You can even stop and write it down if you want to. There are several extra minutes in the window, so you don't really need to rush anything.

Next weekend for the 30 minute JUNbalaya task we will definitely need to have 2 flight groups and time for each other. That one requires more precise timing, and self-timing a quick turnaround 10x1 or 5x2 would be nearly impossible... is offline Find More Posts by
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