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Originally Posted by flyingj View Post
Looks like you can go up to 15V on the Apache. Good idea Jon. I need to set mine up like this.
We found one minor glitch in that setup, it doesn't have an adjustable mAh output, so you'd be charging close to 2C (unless your AD with the DLB).

Originally Posted by JONBOYLEMON View Post
Really not a big fan of the wind......

But all is not lost, I was able to range test the B3 on the ground to 800' and never lost a signal with my 4 channel Assan park flyer rx in any orientaion. The only way I lost signal was when I ducked behind a berm and lost line of sight. I figure in the air I ought to improve range.

So here is the question. I have proven this rx @ 1 mile. If in the B3 I have signal in any orientaion @ 800' I should have it at 1 mile????

For my test I powered on the RX with flaps deployed and the tails @ full throws. If there was a loss of signal that is the position it went to. The only time that happened was behind the hill.

Thanks for your help Jim.
Jon, you're welcome. I really wanted to see her fly today, but I understand not wanting to maiden in the "gale" . Well really it was only 14~20mph.

While AD was on a call I started working on the launch trying to stay on the balls of my feet, and it was showing some improved launch height. Then just before launch I caught sight of a thermal indicator flying through about 60' above the houses, well within launch reach. I threw directly into the thermal and circled around with this hawk till I couldn't tell orientation any longer, had to be 1/4 mile or more down wind and 600' up. Threw it into speed mode and she came right home. That was one of the coolest flights I've had, circling with that hawk, I was even polite enough to let him set the direction of turns since he was there first.
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