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Originally Posted by dowtort View Post
miru, thanks a million! I was starting to think about selling the drone before I saw this thread. I guess I was right that the tinkering potential of the drone (software) was a major plus why I should buy it.

I loaded the new software to my arduino, and moved the wires around to convert from nosaari's setup. I only tested channels 1-4, so startup took me a bit... had the aux switch in FM2 on power-up.

I power cycled and everything started up fine. I was in cramped space, so all i did was hover around in FM1 and yank the right (mode 2) stick around a bit.. response seemed less "digital". Can't wait to try it outside.

I just realized I didn't even clean up the drone's software, so i had it up with nosaari's mod's in place on drone. Does anyone know if upgrading the firmware will wipe those out? or do i have to telnet in and clean up?

thanks again!

ed d.
I deleted the files that I FTP'd over and restored the files nossari recommended to back up, then updated the firmware to the latest version. Everything worked as normal with the iPhone controlling so I hope that's all I needed to do? The only gremlin is that video doesn't work now but I don't care about that!
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