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Originally Posted by RealGambler View Post
I'm 100% sure you never flew the Extra 300 to say something like that! Somehow, I don't think brushed motors are about to be a thing of the past that quickly, particularly for indoor flying. Sure you can fly a Beast (and likely the Sbach) indoor, but if you truly want extreme fun flying, then the little brushed Extra 300 is still the best in my book, particularly in a smaller gym or space. And that's coming from a guy who has the Beast, a Brushless Sukhoi and a Brushless 4-Site! Trust me, the brushed Extra 300 totally deserve the UMX title, even if people originally thought that it was reserved for brushless!
I fly purely outside, so I'm not disagreeing with how awesome the profile Extra 300 is indoors. But it's also a completely different style of plane- its pretty slow and weighs less than a feather. I was just trying to stress that for out of the box outdoor flight without painstaking transplantation mods, the Beast's stock form is insane compared to everything else. My Sukhoi XP with 5043 and Hyp 180/240s is comparable in speed, but doesn't fly nearly as well. Coming from larger 3DHS planes, the Beast is the only micro I can bang around knife edging and doing all sorts of SMOOTH maneuvering while still clipping around at 25 mph covering some serious ground. Can't wait for the next installment of these little wonders. Its not true 3d like the Extra 300, so you have a point there. just clarifying..
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