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Not feeling the Radian Pro love just yet....

Not as relaxing as the Radian. And something about how it handles is not right. Can't put my finger on it. I balance it on the leading edge of that strip of white tape under the wing, with a 1250 Rhino battery or the stock one. I added the Morgan Mill servo covers and makes me feel better if I miss a catch that I won't be ripping the servos and horns off.

It never really settles into a smooth cruise. Always needs some control input. At this point I don't think I would be comfortable going up really high. Of course I mean only up to 400 feet, but still.

No mods except for the covers and servo lead extensions to make it a less-stressful event putting the wings on. No more quickie flights as I pass a nice field. I leave it put together in my Expedition as much as I can but have had to break it down several times and its more of hassle to put it back together.

Maybe its just CG. But sometimes it seems to porpoise a little but then in a dive test, it seems to want to stay diving and even tucks under. So that's tail heavy, right? Tried moving the 1250 almost touching the motor and still about the same.

I guess I am just being picky. I tore up the nose of my Radian and stripped a servo and needed to get some aerial GoPro shots, so I picked up the Pro about a month ago. With the GP velcroed to the top leading edge of the wing about 4 inches out, it takes some correcting rudder and aileron to keep her straight. I expected this as had to put rudder in for the Radian, also.

I am more into using both Radians for an AP/AV platform with some beach flying and local thermaling on occasion. Maybe time for a new Co-pilot II. Had one on the Radian and loved it....but flew great with it on or off. Hopefully that will change my mind on the Pro.

Have to give credit to Gary at Morgan Mill. The vac-formed servo covers as great! They look really cool, too. And they really protect the whole wing bottom...not just the servos and arms.

Rant over. Back to more worthwhile discussions.
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