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As for air traffic, I have a couple of comments.

I moved from my original flying location because of air traffic. While it was over 4.5 miles from the airport, it was directly in line with the approach to the main runway, and planes were coming over regularly at altitudes of less than 2000 feet. I looked up the glide slope for the runway and found that the recommended slope was around 1700 feet at my location. So I will not fly there any more. If I hit a thermal, I want to be able to fly it.

I now fly well away from any well traveled flight path. You can find aviation chart information for your area on the internet, I'll try to locate some links later.

It is very difficult to determine the proximity of a model plane to a real one, so some attempts to avoid could actually lead to a collision if the aircraft does not see your plane.

IMHO the best policy to avoid collision is a downward spiral. The flash of the spiraling plane may catch the eye of the pilot, and maintaining a position over a point while descending will allow the real pilot to turn off the heading if he sees you. Getting low without wandering from position is the highest priority IMHO. Not sure what the AMA recommends, but I do know that we are responsible if there is a collision. Goes without saying none of us want such an accident to occur. Serious business.

I really think that one day we will have cheap transponders that will help with the problem. Not here yet though.
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