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I'm sorry guys, I must have given the impression that the plane was right on top of me. I'm overly cautious about full sized aircraft when flying rc. I heard the plane, I looked. I was several miles from an airport and actually I wasn't too high either. I was concerned about losing visual (which I did anyway, ha,ha). No one was at risk of being on anothers air space during this flight. I do appreciate the commenta and concern though guys.
I will share something with you involving a "fly away" though. I "had" a 155in wingspan Merlyn at my local flying field. The plane was 25yrs old and I was the second owner. The original builder was at the field at the time. It was my second time out with it. First launch needed some trim adjusting as I had done some servo work on it. Trimmed out wonderfully. From the landing to the next launch, the plane somehow lost power to the RX. This plane had the push/pull external wire to turn on/off the plane. I should have changed it, but didn't. I think I inadvertantly bumped it. Long story short, I launched and it flew off the winch line just like it was supposed to. Circled over the field, got in a thermal and that was it. I have the Little Rock Tower programmed in my phone and called to report the fly away. They laughed at me at first. Then I told them it was a 155in wing span that weighed 8lbs. That caught their interest. The plane was last seen by me at about 3,500 ft just coring the thermal like it was built to do. A report from another RC'er said it was seen about 20 miles away still going, never to be seen again.
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