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nice man good to hear. Yea usually if i hear a Plane/Hili. I lose ALt fast,either a dive or Flaps. and normally i don't look to see where the Aircraft is.
Goal is get down.
I have Hilis/Jets/Props flying over my Field all the time and usually the Dash-8's fly at at 1500-2000ft AGL ,Jets are usually at least 3000ft.

Second last outing, i was setting up the Pro on the picnic table at our field and a Offshore S-91 was flying over head very very slow at about 800ft, I figured they were doing Sight seeing or something. normally they depart the Airport and head out too the Oil rigs.
So it past over head and headed of into the distance. Jump 35 mins later, im now airborne ,enjoying my flight and i hear it coming again. i did get a visual of it,i knew the direction it went by. So first thing i do is drop Atl. Well to my surprise as they got closer ,i noticed they made a 90 degree turn and ran parallel with me and then slowly drifted back on course once past...

They knew i was there, lol
When they pasted directly over head at first i add that "im being watched" feeling lol
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