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Originally Posted by Lorenzo29 View Post
1) Switch assignment
The GEAR switch is for Land/TakeOff
The AUX1 switch is for emergency crashing ?

2) Did you implement the auto hovering function when the roll/pitch stick (mode 2) is on neutral position ?
This function was implemented on MHeeli (wifi) mod.
To my point of view, it was quite convenient but not fully satisfactory. Very often during flight, when by no chance the roll/pitch stick passed thru this neutral position, for a brief, the drone was trying to hoover...
To solve this, i did a modification to the MHeeli code to take advantage of the three positions switch on my Spektrum DX7 radio.
- Lower position : Land
- Mid position : Take-off and Fly with auto-hovering (when roll/pitch stick is in neutral function) enabled.
- Upper position : Fly with auto-hovering function disabled
This modification is very convenient when you begin to be used to fly with the drone and if the pilot doesn't dare to switch to the No Hoovering flight, he can stay on the mid position and stay safe...

I went through you code, pfuuuuu, not easily understandable for me...
So, if you could help me to understand if auto-hoovering is implemented when roll/pitch stick is on neutral it would give me some clue if i need to study a modification to implement the three position switch trick.

3) Drone setup and starting procedure.
3.1 Do we need to place both radio stick to neutral in order to start ?
I suppose, the response is Yes !
3.2 Do we need to set the "travel adjust" values of radio channels in order to get the correct AT values to be sent to the drone (-1, 0 and +1) ?

Laurent D
Hi Laurent, please check the attachment, I started a writeup for the next revision. To answer your questions:

1) yes the gear switch is the land/launch and the AUX1 (3 position) switch is for the other functions. Center is normal -> GEAR switch land/launch. Down sends FTRIM/COMWDG/LED once, center if afterwards for launch. Up causes an EMERGENCY, which does different things on the drone depending on if you are in the air or on the ground. In the air, it kills the motors, on ground it resets the last EMERGENCY in the drone (in case you flipped over or ran into something and the motors cutout).

2) This implementation always 'hovers' if you let go of the AILE/ELEV stick. Check at_prgr() it is only told to send PCMDs when the drone is in the air (that's different from FreeFlight). at_prgr() checks if the AILE/ELEV stick is in the center and will reset the 'enable' in the PCMD if so. I like your use of the AUX1 channel, it's almost like a heli. But what about FTRIM, EMERGENCY?

3.1) I only make sure on boot that the throttle stick is centered, AUX1 is centered and GEAR is down. Centering the sticks before launch is a good idea, but I ran out of ideas how to signal the user that I am not launching because....
3.2) Please read the attached pdf file about the setup. It is for the next revision but applies to the current as well.

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