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All, alpha version 9.28 has just been posted. It contains several enhancements/fixes/changes, so please read carefully before installing:

a) Our Seagull wireless telemetry transmitter/display is now supported with the eLogger V4. More details here.
b) Whenever you upgrade your OSD Pro's firmware to a new version, you will be prompted to reload the configuration settings automatically saved after the last firmware update. You'll receive this prompt starting with the version you install AFTER 9.28. This will make it easier to reload your settings.
c) Starting with alpha version 9.28, if you use the Voltage B and Voltage C secondary voltage inputs with the OSD Pro (connected to the Temp B and Temp C eLogger inputs), you will need to change the inline resistor from 10KOhm to 15KOhm. This change was needed due to issues with some configurations, with the lower resistance values. Sorry for the need to do this! The voltage display should have somewhat improved accuracy across a wider range of voltages, also.
d) There was an issue displaying wattage when voltage was not also displayed, which is now resolved.

GetOutDaWay, the sales staff are the ones to trust.

Wizzard033, we are looking at adding GPS support (via our GPS expander) to the EE, mainly to eliminate the "which way is north" step, which can be confusing. I believe what you describe would work, with a few additional firmware changes.

Wow, Hugeone, you're competing with the Luxor!

ramnes, the upcoming "FPV Expander" add-on board will support simultaneous GPS and Spektrum digital RSSI. Note that analog RSSI is already supported and works simultaneously with GPS.

Eugene, you may just need to rerun the Safety Wizard, and supply less left aileron when requested to do so. The amount you move the aileron (and the other surfaces) sets the max limit the RTH will move the surfaces. Alternatively, you may try reducing the turn proportional gain.
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