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Welcome back thread! Sorry I had to abandon this build for a while, pulled into other projects and my work life has become increasingly more frantic (I haven't found the time or energy to fly anything since the start of the year really).

Today I had some spare time so I decided to hop back on and get the servos into the wings. Now that I had my receiver I could properly set their neutral points and cut up the servo arms before gluing them in. You may notice in some of the pictures that the flap servo arms are trimmed with a 25 degree offset rearwards, this is to allow greater positive (down) flap travel for braking.

I had a little trouble getting the servo wires down through the holes cut in the wing so I drilled a hole in the wooden rib at the end of the wing segment to make it easier (I probably could have avoided this if I had more patience). I ran a thin metal rod down the hole and used it to fish the wires through the wing. After I had the servos hooked up I had to enlarge the servo cutouts a bit to fit the Hyperion servos which fit almost perfectly flush with the surface of the wing.

I haven't glued the servos in yet but I'll do that today. I need to figure out how to plug the wing halves into the receiver too, normally you'd use a 6 pin plug but that doesn't work for a 2 piece wing and I don't want to be plugging 4 cables directly into the RX every time I want to put the wing on...

Next step is to probably build a new firewall that can fit the tiny neu motor and glue that in, then I can try to do some preliminary balancing to get a feel of where I need to put the rudder and elevator servos.

Benjamin :

I hope the DS09's fit as that's all I'm using (wings and fuselage), I don't think it will be too hard as the fuselage is fairly deep and roomy but we'll have to see. They fit into the wings without much difficulty.
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