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Starmax 63" P-51 "Gunfighter": The Electronics.

Starmax P-51 Nav Lights (2 min 50 sec)

I'm getting the electronics all sorted out, and I've decided for now, I'm am going to use the stock 85A ESC that came with the plane. If it proves to be un-worthy, then I have one of the new Turnigy 85A w/5A BEC ESC I can pop in there. I'm still going to use a CC 10A BEC wired in to power up the Futaba R6008HS Rx.

I have installed a HiTec HS-82MG for the elevator, and a Blue Bird Max BMS-380MG to control the rudder/tail wheel steer (Note: I'm not sure HK carries the 380 in metal gears anymore?) For now I am going to retain the stock aileron and flap servos as they continue to operated flawlessly, and haven't squawked back so far.

I have installed a 14-Pin multiplex harness in the 1-piece wing to assist in an easy and quick way to remove the wings for transport purposes.

I've also installed the Turnigy 3 Channel Servo Speed/Direction Regulator in-line with the Radiator Vent Door.

I have disabled the two Nav Light leads on the stock ESC as I am going to use the Lazertoyz Maxi-Light to control the extensive light system I have installed on the plane. The Maxi-Light will not only control the stock Nav Lights on the wing tips, but the two beacons, one on the tail, and the one mounted on the intake scoop. It also gives me the option of controlling the two landing lights I have mounted on the wheel struts so I can turn them on & off at will. I know the P-51 only had 1 on the port LG, but I had to add an extra just for the kewl factor! Speaking of which, flying at night, the instrument panel had to be lit so the pilot could read his gauges, so why not simulate the same effect? With the light system up and running, the "Gunfighter" looks awesome!

See for yourself!
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