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Originally Posted by IBCrazy View Post
It doesn't work at all with my 1.2GHz Lawmate RX's. Maybe you have a different revision than I do?

I get good RSSI and signal strength reading, but the frame rate drops to 3 frames per second. I have 3 Lawmates and all get the same results.

Frame Rate? That is not an RF/antenna issue. It sounds like you have a problem with the video levels. In fact, a very good RF signal can show up a problem with incorrect video levels because of video sync/saturation issues. Do you have a video generator to make sure the sync and video levels are correct? Here is what I use:

You also need a scope with special video sync to adjust it correctly.

With the lawmates you can only adjust levels on the TX side. Even without the correct video test equipment, you could mark the current position and try adjusting the TX levels to a point where it will work. Monitor the video white/yellow levels to make sure you are not into saturation.

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