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Yes....Support is non-existent. All I can get is a scripted message via online support in "Chinglish". Even then, if they do not like what you ask them they just terminate the chat session from their end.

They were open in telling me that they have no staff and are having problems finding people to work for them (...maybe there is a reason for that!). They do not tell you that when you place your order though!

You can approach your bank - depending on how you paid you can put the transaction into dispute. It can be a long winded exercise though - and from what I can see, as long as they end up eventually sending you what you paid for (or agree to send it) there is not a lot you can do unless it does not arrive at all. Even then, HK will wait 45 days after they sent it before logging it as lost with the Hong Kong postal service. In reality it could take up to 4 months for money to be returned if the items do not arrive at all.

As you can see - HK are having a ball taking advantage of everyone in this manner. They are cheap, have orders coming out their ears. Customer service does not exist in these cases.

HK does have an Australian warehouse (which is where I have ordered from previously) but it only stocks a very small proportion of total stock (for example - no motors at all). Orders from the local warehouse has been great in the past.

I am now in the process of trying to source the items I need from elswhere - they don't stand a chance in hell of arriving in time for me from HK now. Lesson learnt.....I will only order items from HK that are 'stock up' in future rather than items I need. They just cannot be trusted to stick to what they tell you before you order.

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